Breathing Space
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Breathing Space

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“Breathing Space" is a testimony of what the world is currently going through. We’ve been slapped into silence and introspection in a whole new horrible, scary and unsettling way. At the same time, we as people are presented with a tremendous opportunity to remember our similarities rather than focus on our differences, to practice solidarity, and to quiet ourselves in order to let nature breathe, to be heard and seen. I hope that once we are out of the woods we take this with us and make it our foundation on which we build our future. 

“Breathing Space" is a graphically embellished artwork based on the original “Andrum”. I chose this particular piece because it represented the breathing space I experienced from pain a while back- a time that marked the beginning of my recovery from a burnout and therefore relate this to the breathing space the world receives and hopefully a recovery from its burnout.



Mixed media 

Fine art print on canvas & Acrylics

70x100 cm

(Not available at the moment.)



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