Simona’s art is at heart based on the purist notion of geometric, clean two-dimensional shapes, uniting the positive qualities of precision and simplicity.


For her, each work is created through a synthesis of the Hegelian dialectic, an evolution by opposing sides unified in contradiction. As opposed to purist aesthetics, she places the human, specifically the female figure at the center as inspirational but also integral to her work.


In a sophisticated way, while staying true to her journey and inner constant growth, she intuitively synthesises the representation of the inner self to the outer world and vice versa. 


Exhibition History 

Bellamonti Art Galleri 2023 August

Kabusa Art Exhibition 2021 June

World Health Organization & Create 2020 July

Galleri Gustus 2020 June

Galleri Gustus 2019 November

Studio S, Gallerinatten 2019 September

Stiftsgården Åkersberg 2019 April

Studio S, Gallerinatten 2018 September

Stiftsgården Åkersberg 2018 March

Jurybedömd utställning 2017 October

Konsthallen Fogdaröd 2017 July

Galleri Gustus 2017 May

Vejbystrand 2016 July

Kv Caroli 2015 April

Kv Caroli 2014 November

Luftkastellet 2014 May